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HD-SDI Transmission

Forecast on HD-CCTV Technology

Started from 2009, HD-CCTV system is being released in the market from early of this year and HD-CCTV will expected to take over market position of conventional CCTV considerably from 2012 to 2015 year. This is because HD-SDI will be satisfying customer's needs not only for price wise but also for HD high picture quality and the most attractive point is that users can manage HD-CCTV products based on previous managing experiences on conventional CCTV. The example is that there are installations of this solution in highway monitoring system, casino, bank where there needs high quality picture.  So it will be easier to see purchase of HD-CCTV products to replace conventional CCTV system and people will meet with major accidents captured by HD-CCTV solution throughout media and news soon. This will be the most satisfactory product toward HD and will take important position in the security market.