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What is HD-CCTV?

CCTV(Closed Circuit Television) is method to transmit signal to limited monitor of certain place using monitoring camera. The current security market is led by SD leveled monitoring camera, CRT monitor and DVR which are CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) solution since 1990 when DVR came into market
  SD CCTV SDI Transmission Method
Signal Type Analogue  Digital Digital Digital
Data Transmission Volume x 360Mbps 1.485Gbps 2.97Gbps
Transmission Frequency x 180Mhz 750Mhz 1.5GHZ
Max Resolution     480i,576i 960x48 @59.94i 1080p30
1080i 60
The performance of SD leveled monitoring camera used in CCTV has been developed from Black & White into Color camera. The color camera has been also developed variously to improve picture quality especially focused on Low light, Back light and WDR feature which all made sensor and processing technology developed as a picture quality improvement. But the limitation of resolution on SD leveled (NTSC/PAL) quality couldn't satisfy the needs for high quality image. The market demands for high resolution was led to development of HD leveled sensor and it started to be adopted for CCTV market in 2009.  Here if we name previous CCTV as SD-CCTV product, we would define HD leveled CCTV system as HD-CCTV system. And we would call CCTV system using HD-SDI transmission technology as HD-CCTV.  The reason is that HD-SDI transmission technology is being developed into most reasonable technology to transform conventional CCTV into HD-CCTV which is another way of transmitting HD quality picture being distinguished from IP network transmission.